We provide end-to-end web solutions for small businesses.

Design, Code, Hosting.

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to grow, we can help you design, build and optimize your website.



Why do we run our own web servers here at Haus? Because we're control freaks. Most websites we build are completed two to three weeks quicker by having full control over our machines. In addition, our engineers have the flexibility to make custom configurations which simply aren't possible with many other hosting companies.

Not having Haus build your website? No problem! We will be happy to help you or your web designer pick a plan that is right for you and get you online.

Basic Hosting


  • Our basic hosting plan includes everything you need to run your personal site: secure file storage, 2 databases and up to 5 encrypted email accounts.

    We also have goodies for your devs including SSH, GIT, drush, nightly offsite backups and statistics.

Secure Hosting


  • All of the Basic features plus a dedicated IP Address and SSL Certificate.

    Great for eCommerce sites or sites where you would like to offer your visitors privacy and a secure connection.

Dedicated Hosting


  • We are able to custom-build the backend for any project whether it's a virtual machine for cost-effective PCI compliance to a stack of 'bare metal' to save money over the cloud on high-throughput systems.

    Contact us to discuss your needs.

Hosting Add-Ons

We make it easy to serve both your employees as well as the public. You can add services to your hosting as your company and traffic grow

Email: $4/mo/account

All messages are encrypted end-to-end. Rock-solid syncing between multiple devices including phones and tablets. Includes filters, vacation responders and spam training.

Memcache: $5/mo

RAM is 100,000 times faster than disk. Memcache stores parts of your website in RAM for quick retrieval. Instances are sold in 64MB block sizes.

CDN: $5/mo

Using a CDN (or Content Delivery Network) will speed most sites roughly 2x by serving large images and other files from servers that are closest to where your visitors are.

Varnish Cache: $15/mo

Varnish is a full-site cache which holds up under the most intense traffic demands. A working knowledge of varnish and some setup fees apply.

Domain Registration: $20/yr

Want to consolidate everything web related into one bill? We will purchase and renew your domain on your behalf.

Notes From The Lab

Launch announcements, how-to articles and results from experiments.


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mtr only showing the last hop on macOS

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Mac OS Sierra breaks ssh keys

Mac OS Sierra breaks ssh keys

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How to avoid duplicate email folders

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How to install MTR (My Traceroute) on macOS

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