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Testing Your LAN Speed Using Two Macs

10 Jan 2022

At some point, you've probably googled "Internet speed test" to find out how fast your internet connection was. You can use HomeBrew and iperf to perform the same kind of…


How to stress the CPU on your mac

16 Oct 2019

There are a number of reasons that you might need to rev your CPU to the limit on command; you might be experiencing instability under high load and you want…


mtr only showing the last hop on macOS

09 Aug 2019

Some Reddit users have noticed that recently, mtr stopped showing all hops using the default incantation. Alvin Alexander has a long series of in-depth posts on customizing bash on macOS…

Mac OS Sierra breaks ssh keys

Mac OS Sierra breaks ssh keys

07 Oct 2016

If you were quick to upgrade to Mac OS Sierra you may have noticed that your servers that previously used public/private key authentication are now asking for a password or rejecting…


How to avoid duplicate email folders

19 Jan 2013

Recently I was chatting with an iPhone user who was frustrated by having multiple folders for his Drafts, Sent and Trash items. If you keep your email filed neatly this…


How to install MTR (My Traceroute) on macOS

12 Dec 2012

MTR s a great command-line tool for figuring out where a network is having problems between you and a host you are trying to reach. With each version of the…