How to install MTR (My Traceroute) on macOS

MTR s a great command-line tool for figuring out where a network is having problems between you and a host you are trying to reach.

With each version of the Mac OS the tools required to use it move. Here are the pieces and steps I assembled from various points on the interwebs.

Gather the pieces you need.

  1. MTR is available for free from BitWizard:
  2. You will also need the latest XCode which you can download via the App Store on your computer
  3. Open XCode and go to Preferences -> Downloads and install “Command Line Tools”


To get things to compile on a Mac your instructions will diverge from the README slightly. On the command line:

export LDFLAGS="-lresolv"

./configure --prefix=/usr --without-gtk


sudo make install

BAM. You should be good to go. To try it out, type:


You should see a screen something like this:


These instructions were made on OS X 10.8. More recently, mtr’s default config stopped showing all of the hops by default, to which you can find the solution here.


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