How to remote control your Mac without iChat or VNC

Many of you may be familiar already with iChat’s screen sharing option. It is easy to use, safe (encrypts data being transferred over the network) and uses some unicorn dust to make the screen draws ultra fast.

This works fine if you want to see someone else’s screen, but what if you want to control the screen of one of your other computers that are unattended?

While VNC works, you don’t have to get VNC software.

I was rooting around my computer and happened upon this in

Hard Drive -> System -> Library -> CoreServices:


It appears that Apple’s “screen sharing” is not baked completely into iChat. Instead, it is a standalone app that is called. You can take this app, drag it to your doc, and run all by itself!


The app itself is definitely no-frills. There are no bookmarks and very few settings but for most purposes it’s fine.


You can use this to connect to any machine with a VNC server running, or any Mac that has “Screen Sharing” turned on in System Preferences -> Sharing -> Screen Sharing

If connecting mac-to-mac you will get to enjoy the same speed benefits of compression, otherwise it will use the standard VNC communication.

BONUS TIP: While the app is running right-click on the icon and choose: Options -> Keep In Dock. This will prevent you from having to fish around for it for every use since it is not included in spotlight indexing.

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