iTerm2 cursor jumps require different keys with a Nuphy Air75

You know you’re writing niche content when you’re answering the question Why can’t I jump my cursor to the beginning or the end of the line in iTerm2 after upgrading to a Nuphy Air75 keyboard?

The short answers are:

  • You can’t use the same keyboard shortcut as your Apple keyboard because the Fn key has moved from the lower left to the right of the keyboard, and is used to control the LED backlighting
  • Out-of-the-box you can jump your cursor using tab-home and tab-end
  • Thanks to George Nachman on GITLab, we’ve discovered that you can use the “VIM-special-characters” command to customize iTerm2 to use command-left and command-right. Head into iTerm2 -> Settings -> Keys, then click + to add a new key binding:
    • Record your keyboard shortcut by clicking the “Keyboard Shortcut” target, then typing the keyboard shortcut you want to use. For this example we used command-left
    • Choose the action ‘Send Text with “vim” Special Chars’
    • Then type this for “jump to beginning of line”: 
      • \<C-a>
    • Repeat the above steps for jump-to-end-of-line and use this vim code:
      • \<C-e>
The key binding for jumping to the beginning of line

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